Words About The Important Things

⇑  "Starve your distractions, feed your focus."  ⇓  Yesterday afternoon, Kayla, Benson, and I loaded up in the car for a quick trip to the North Carolina High Country. Though the escape would last only a few hours, it was worth every minute of the winding drive. As we've gotten older (and perhaps, hopefully, a … Continue reading Words About The Important Things

Building A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017: The day my bucket list became a little shorter. You see, last week I was #blessed. I was able to see my artistic idol, live in concert. This is a person who I consider to be not only one of the most talented musicians in history, but also one of the … Continue reading Building A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Why I Don’t Wear Rainbow

It's true: I am an openly gay, married woman, living proudly in the South, and I don't wear rainbow. Not in June or any other month of the year. Why? A reason so simple that it's almost too simple. I can't rock it. It's not representative of my personality or my taste. The majority of … Continue reading Why I Don’t Wear Rainbow

Dear Old Self…

You know those weeks when you can't even keep track of what day it is anymore? Yes, I'm sure you do. We all do. This has been one of those weeks for me. Last Monday brought with it a hectic haze. By the time Friday finally arrived, all I could think about was the weekend. … Continue reading Dear Old Self…

Our Shared Story

This is a postcard that Kayla's grandfather sent home to his family in Scotland, just after landing in America. It reads: Dear Jean, Arrived safely. What a journey. It was great. We are just touching New York. Will write soon. Tommy The postmark tells that the year was 1963. The stamp reveals that it cost … Continue reading Our Shared Story

Reflecting On Twenty-Six Years Of A Life Lived

I have loved. I have loved to the brink of disaster and beyond it. I have loved to the edge of perfection and then some. I have lost myself in those closest to me, and discovered myself in the eyes of strangers. I have been told no. I have said yes. I have longed for more. I … Continue reading Reflecting On Twenty-Six Years Of A Life Lived

Something T. Swift Told Me Once*

*maybe Have you ever experienced a moment of absolute clarity? When something that should have made sense much sooner suddenly comes sharply into focus. Not long ago, one of these rare certainties popped into my mind: "It's okay to avoid the people who hurt you." To be 1000% honest and transparent, I'm not sure if … Continue reading Something T. Swift Told Me Once*