A Bad Day Of Millennial Proportions

A bad day is a bad day is a bad day. They can strike anytime. In a most cliché turn of events, my Monday has been one of those days. And so I'm creating this survival guide for Millennials everywhere. The next time you're desperately clinging to hope amidst a seemingly cursed 24 hours, due to … Continue reading A Bad Day Of Millennial Proportions

Volleyball PTSD. It’s A Thing.

This is how my game went. It's cool, Bella. I get you. Tonight I (very, very graciously) stepped in and played volleyball on a friend's intramural team. They were short on their token girls and I guess I came to mind simply because I'm always workin' on muh fitness. HOWEVER, I was not a good … Continue reading Volleyball PTSD. It’s A Thing.